8.1 Care and Transport

Components and sectional pipes of the ISOLAR system should be protected from mechanical impacts, shocks etc. Components should be transported, loaded and stored in such a way that does not result in any change in shape or any other damage. It is advi­sory to use a cradle or a rope (natural or plastic) for handling and lifting the components.

You must not use a wire rope, chain, wire, hook directly in touch with the coating. The components should be stored on an even surface. In case of long-term storage the components should be protected iron solar radiation and moisture.

Pipes with a plastic coating should not be moved and transported in temperatures below – 5 ºC.


with very careful planning and building it is also possi­ble to build a pipeline using the ISOLAR system under roads, parallel to the road, but in this case the use of the electronic control system cannot be avoided.