5.1 The Berghöfer products are the base of the FLEXTERM concern’s products

For more than 8 decades the Berghöfer Kassel is on firm grond in the armoured hoses and compensator technology. The concern widely formed the development of the flexibile hose system. The trasporting programme includes the different armoured and plastic hoses and compensators.

There is hardly any industry where the Berghöfer products are used without success. Ascensive exploration works and development works guarantee that kind of prouction standards that satisfy the highest quality and safety requirements.

In pursuance of measurement, improver problem settling solutions determine the performance of our tubes and compensators. The valuable material and constructive desing assure optimal dependability according to the followings:

Beside the good flexibility of our products the resistance to corrosion of the built in items are determinant as well.

We use corrosion-, and acid-resisting alloy steel, nickel based alloy, bronze, tomback and PTFE. These unmanufactured materials because of their multi-faceted advantages opens the door to satisfy the individual customer demands. Accordingly for example according to the most stric safety standards our duplicate tube systems and duplicate compensators have more and more concernment.

Flexible armoured hoses

Standard our products are admitted all around the world. We have the permission of national and foreign auditing corporations and important recipient companiens:

Germanisher L’loyd (L’loyd’sRegister of Shipping /Bureau Veritas/ Det Norske Veritas/ See-Berufsgenossenschaft / DVGW/ TÜV Hessen*) /TÜH*)/ TÜV Wien /BWB/ DB/ DR/ Polski Rejestr Statków

Individual purchase with other companies and is case of other individual events can be according to the request of the customer.

At the area of the Flexible armoured hoses the following products’ delivery slip is technically protected:

Nearly all of the requested individual hose construction can be technologically defined by their wide-ranging. The developed know-how is the background of our industrial relationships. The experience and knowledge of our specialists is on one side of our efficiency. The oter ide is the producing with the newest machines.

Most of the producing and examier machines was developed and ptoduced by the Berghöfer engineers. Our producing and examining facilities can satisfy individual customer requests for example: Offshore technology tubes until 100 m length, and max. 300 mm diameter incluted the Helium sealing examination. This gives the safety to all and every customer in any province, that the problems with Berghöfer tubes that comes up in the practice are solved trustily.

PTFE tubes

The Berghöfer tubes made of fluorine plastic (PTFE) takes the flexible armoured tube fitting to complete. The PTFE is induvidual, that is chemoresistant against every acid, alkali, chloride, sulphate and other agents in any concentration from - 70ºC until + 260ºC. Spiral waved PTFE corrugated tubes, especially with alloy steel spiral the big flexibility tube fittings they protection spiral prevents the breaking in case of strong bending. Because of its special characteristics (biggest resistance, easy cleaning, smell free) it is used the chemical industry, food industry, enjoyment items industry and medicament industry.

The Berghöfer corrugate tube schedule is technically protected with the FLEXON name. Of course the PTFE schedule is examined with the same strict quality examination method as the tubes made of metal. So for example the continuous compactness – and pressure examination is the base of the quality assurance catalogue of our products. This survey catalogue of the flexible tube fittings is just a small section of our transport schedule.

More information can be found in our technilogical special catalogue. The first step of problem solving is a negotiation with our well – qualified technological experts.

If it asked we tell you where is the nearest negotiating partner. The flexibility not just the characteristic of our products, but it defines our trade. We will prove it to you!

*) Permission as welding manufactory as well.